Ring light of dreams...

First of all let me start off by saying sorry. I have been very absent on this blog for a few weeks now due to moving and what not but I am back and ready to post!

Here we have my new favourite gadget, the Ocathnon Black Selfie Ring Light. After seeing this online I knew I had to give it a go as I have been wanting a regular ring light for quite some time now but the idea of this being the right size to take with you everywhere just seemed perfect. It fits perfectly ontop of my iPhone 6 and I use it on both my front and back camera. It is battery powered so perfect to take on the go just incase you need to take photos while you're out. For something so small I couldn't believe the brightness and power of it. It completely changes the photo no matter what awful lighting you're in, you'll never have a lighting problem with this nifty little thing! 

You simply clip it on top of anything you would like to take your photo with and it has a little button at the top which you can easily press to turn the light on. It's simple, lightweight and so easy to use. Since it came in the mail it hasn't left my handbag!

It has three settings and I have taken a picture for each one...

Front camera selfie in the normal lighting in the room before I turned the ring light on..

First setting...

Second setting...

Third setting...

As you can see it turned a selfie in awful lighting where you couldn't see any details of my face properly to a well lit photograph all using something so small! I would highly recommend it and it is one of the best things I have owned in a long time!

You can buy it here and its currently reduced from £45.99 to £39.99 with free UK delivery! 




  1. Omg this is so amazing, lits buying one rn!

    1. It's SO good and the price has been dropped recently too! x


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